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FAB Dock makes Greenline even greener

The new range of Greenline boats have made an huge impact in the boating market with their environmentally friendly diesel/electric hybrid drive system. Not only does it save its owners money on fuel, but they can also get along in silent, fume free mode for that serene boating experience.

By matching up his new 40 foot Greenline with a FAB Dock, Nev has taken his ‘green’ credentials one step further by eliminating the need to apply poisonous antifoul to the hull of his boat. And apart from the obvious financial benefits of keeping your boat clean and dry inside a FAB Dock, it will also save Nev over one thousand dollars a year in sacrificial anodes as the downside to having enough solar power to run a small city, is that all that electricity has a tendency to chew through the 14 anodes mounted throughout the boat.

So all in all, a win for everyone concerned, including the fish.

environmentally friendly dry docking system

Keeping a Greenline 40 clean and dry