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The Universal Range has been developed based on our extensive experience in providing specifically constructed, custom dry docking solutions for hundreds of vessels over a number of years. With the standardized sizing structure of our Universal Range, we can offer off-the-shelf docks that are ready to ship, getting you installed sooner, regardless of your location.

The Universal Range docks are suited to most marine craft with outboards and stern drives. In addition, to complement this range we have developed our own harness system which ensures that even if your FAB Dock is slightly larger than required, your boat will enter the dock and stop in the ideal docking location to ensure optimum berthing of your vessel each time.

All FAB Dock solutions are backed by a 3-year standard warranty on general materials and workmanship, with a 12-month warranty on all electrical components.

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We have developed the Universal Range following extensive research and development, working to ensure that each of our valued customers have the opportunity to enjoy the full range of benefits that a FAB Dock dry docking solution provides. The Universal Range of over 15 models, is available to suit outboard and stern drive vessels sized 17ft to 44ft in length. Whether you are interested in a Universal Range product or a Custom Build FAB Dock – we have your docking needs covered. Call or email us to find out which Universal Model will best suit your boat.



Suitable for outboard and stern drive vessels 17ft to 22ft



Suitable for outboard and stern drive vessels 23ft to 28ft



Suitable for outboard and stern drive vessels 29ft to 33ft



Suitable for outboard and stern drive vessels 34ft to 38ft



Suitable for outboard and stern drive vessels 39ft to 44ft

Key Benefits
Suits all Monohulls Suitable for outboard and stern drive vessels.
Patented Water Sensing Module The FAB Dock pumping system is controlled by a revolutionary, patented water sensing module that constantly monitors your FAB Dock for any signs of water. This little piece of genius, called the FAB Dock IQ, will go as far as telling you the voltage of your battery and the power draw of your FAB Dock pumps, as well as diagnose an issue if your pumps stop working.
12 Volt Power Using the FAB Dock controller each system is operated by 12 volt power from your boat’s battery, eliminating the need to have 240/110 volt wires running through the water.
Solar Power FAB Dock systems have the advantage of being able to be run off solar power.
Transportable Solution Moving home or marina berth? FAB Dock systems are portable –  just roll it up and take it with you.
Environmentally Friendly You will be helping the environment by reducing the amount of toxic anti-foul in the water.
Cost Effective You will save money on maintenance by keeping your boat’s legs, shafts and propellers dry. FAB Dock also keeps water out of inlet pipes preventing sea growth and other build up in these vital channels. In addition, your boat will go faster providing better fuel efficiency. These savings combined means your FAB Dock could pay for itself within a couple of years and could improve the resale value of your boat.
Stress-Free Boating The unique design makes docking your boat so much easier, taking the stress out of boating.
Shallow Water No issue in shallow waters – if you can get your boat in and out, a FAB Dock can be installed.
Compact & Safe FAB Dock is self-contained with no bulky or hazardous control boxes and pipes to trip over.  Plus, with no hard plastic or metal parts to damage your boat, FAB Dock offers peace of mind. FAB Dock’s low profile design means your boat remains at water level, so there’s no chance of your boat rolling over or your views being blocked.
Easy Maintenance Your FAB Dock has no metal parts to corrode or moving parts to service making maintenance easy or, for a small fee, we can arrange a six or twelve month cleaning service.

Additional Infomation

At FAB Dock we pride ourselves on not cutting corners on the design and quality of our product.  All materials and components have been researched and sourced to ensure we only use the highest quality money can afford. The primary materials are sourced from Europe, with the addition of American-made pump systems and chemical resistant / UV rated hoses.  We even developed our own out of water float switch to ensure optimum performance (after trailing every float switch on the market to which they all failed). Our specifically designed float switch is the heart of our systems ensuring that your boat remains dry whenever it is in dock.

FAB Dock have a range of matched accessories to assist in maintaining your FAB Dock dry docking solution.  Accessories include:

  • Battery Monitors
  • Mooring Line Adapters
  • Annual Dock Servicing Solutions + MORE

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