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Making Boating Easy

FAB Dock dry docking solutions are designed to make boating easy, keeping your boat clean and dry, so you can enjoy everything the boating lifestyle has to offer, hassle free. With ease of maintenance, portability, the environment and cost effectiveness in mind, we have analysed every cut, curve, seam, sleeve, pocket and angle to bring you one of the most superior dry docking solutions available world-wide today.

In addition to saving money and time, berthing your boat will never be easier, simply use your FAB Dock as a bumper to guide you in and reduce the risk of damage to your boat. Start enjoying the many benefits of FAB Dock with our pre-built, ready to go range. The peace of mind of knowing your boat will be as clean and dry as the day you put it away is only a call away.

Premium Quality

FAB Dock is designed and manufactured to withstand the harshest of environments with minimal maintenance and care.

Cost Effective

Your FAB Dock can pay for itself in as little as 3 years through maintenance cost savings, including anti-fouling and fuel.

Environmentally Friendly

Keep your boat clean without putting toxic anti-foul in the water – persevering our marine environment for future generations.

Superior Craftsmanship

Constructed using quality materials and parts sourced from Europe, the US and Australia, and built by a skilled team with over 300+ years of combined experience, every minute detail has been analysed and tested to guarantee the longevity and performance of your FAB Dock.

Our Range

Choose from our selection of environmentally friendly, superior quality, jet ski dock, floating dock and dry docking systems.
Our Universal range is available in a range of sizes for vessels between 17ft to 44ft. We also have Custom Build options for larger vessels, multi-hulls and shaft drives.

FAB Dock Universal#1_ 17 to 22ft

Universal Range

  • Length: 17ft to 44ft
  • Width: Up to 11.5ft
  • Voltage:  12 volts
  • Suitable: Monohull outboard & stern drive
FAB Dock_Multihull__Kevlacat


  • Length: 17ft to 100ft
  • Width: Any
  • Voltage: 12 volts
  • Suitable: Multi-hulls, Pontoons & Trimarans
FAB Dock_Custom Build_Boston Whaler 42ft_Aft

Custom Build

  • Length: 45ft to 100ft
  • Width: Any
  • Voltage:  12 volts
  • Suitable: All hull types

Looking for a finance solution?

Enjoy the benefits of a Buy Now Pay Later solution - Contact our friendly team for more information on FAB Dock finance.


The FAB Dock product is fantastic and I would recommend anyone with a boat sitting in salt water (particularly) to get one. I don’t wake during the night hearing strong winds or heavy rain worrying.

Phil & Gaye - Sleeping Easy

The product is everything I had hoped and more. It is so easy to use, keeps my new boat clean and allows my kids to safely take the boat out and return it without damaging anything

Milad - Family Boatie

Exceptional product and exceptional service. Nothing too much trouble. My FAB Dock makes my boating so much easier and saves me money. What more can you ask for?

Colin - Has Everything He Needs

Very pleased with the results, no marine growth on the hull or stern drives…There’ll be no anti fouling happening this year!  Saving us $1800 per year, leaving more funds for fuel and boating enjoyment

Craig & Karen - Enjoying Their Boat

The FAB Dock works extremely well and the after sales service is even better

Deane - Enjoys Great Service

Even in windy conditions the entry is no problem with the FAB Dock as it just flexes when the boat hits it and straightens me up to glide in, one rope and I’m secure. I do get a lot of comments on how well the FAB Dock blends into the environment and is unobtrusive compared

Rod - Docking Specialist

Like most boat owners, I am very fond of my boat. Some people might even call it obsessive. As such, I never wanted to devalue my boat by anti-fouling it and leaving it in the water, therefore preferring to store it in a dry stack. However, as soon as I saw a FAB Dock I

David - Obsessed Boatie

Up until now our yearly hull maintenance costs have been around $3,000 per annum and now expect that to be below $500. That saving, along with fuel saving and year-round best performance boost, has made us very happy that we decided to FAB Dock our boat rather than smother her in poisonous pesticide. Thanks to

Gary & Elaine - Savvy Savers

Get In Touch

Our products have been designed to be free of defects and perform optimally in the harsh salt water environment. Let our experienced team guide you to a low maintenance, cost effective and transportable dry docking solution to keep your boat clean and dry. With all FAB Dock systems backed by a comprehensive warranty guarantee, now is the right time to discover how FAB Dock can help you.

FAB Dock_Universal 3 Marina