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FAB Dock in Exmouth, Western Australia

I had heard so many fascinating stories about Exmouth and I was lucky enough to visit it for myself recently thanks to Bob and his wife deciding that they wanted to spend more time on their boat on the water, rather than under it on the dirt. After their most recent DIY antifoul experience they vowed never again and so immediately ordered a FAB Dock to keep their magnificent 35  foot Caribbean clean and dry.

The local hospitality is absolutely amazing and the next time I am back to install another FAB Dock, I will be taking an extra few days holiday to experience the crystal clear waters, coral reefs and aquatic wildlife. I don’t know if the locals are trying to keep it a secret to maintain the pristine condition of the local waters and maintain the abundance of sailfish, marlin, whales and whale sharks, so don’t tell them I told you about the place, but if you are looking for some time away to relax, unwind and get back to nature, Exmouth is the place.

I might even see you up there on one of my trips back.

FAB Dock in Exmouth

35 Caribbean in a FAB Dock