The FAB Dock product is fantastic and I would recommend anyone with a boat sitting in salt water (particularly) to get one. I don’t wake during the night hearing strong winds or heavy rain worrying.

Phil & Gaye - Sleeping Easy

The product is everything I had hoped and more. It is so easy to use, keeps my new boat clean and allows my kids to safely take the boat out and return it without damaging anything

Milad - Family Boatie

Exceptional product and exceptional service. Nothing too much trouble. My FAB Dock makes my boating so much easier and saves me money. What more can you ask for?

Colin - Has Everything He Needs

Very pleased with the results, no marine growth on the hull or stern drives…There’ll be no anti fouling happening this year!  Saving us $1800 per year, leaving more funds for fuel and boating enjoyment

Craig & Karen - Enjoying Their Boat

The FAB Dock works extremely well and the after sales service is even better

Deane - Enjoys Great Service

Even in windy conditions the entry is no problem with the FAB Dock as it just flexes when the boat hits it and straightens me up to glide in, one rope and I’m secure. I do get a lot of comments on how well the FAB Dock blends into the environment and is unobtrusive compared to other systems

Rod - Docking Specialist

Like most boat owners, I am very fond of my boat. Some people might even call it obsessive. As such, I never wanted to devalue my boat by anti-fouling it and leaving it in the water, therefore preferring to store it in a dry stack. However, as soon as I saw a FAB Dock I knew I had found the answer. The convenience of being able to jump in my boat at a moment’s notice, yet still have it dry docked, is worth its weight in gold

David - Obsessed Boatie

Up until now our yearly hull maintenance costs have been around $3,000 per annum and now expect that to be below $500. That saving, along with fuel saving and year-round best performance boost, has made us very happy that we decided to FAB Dock our boat rather than smother her in poisonous pesticide. Thanks to the FAB Dock team for making our boating experience a better and less expensive past-time

Gary & Elaine - Savvy Savers

So, I can literally say that having my boat live in a FAB Dock is a life saver.  The benefit of being able to berth my boat single handed saves me from the second most dangerous creature known to Boaties – The Wife!

Mal & Wendy - Still Happily Married

Thanks so much for an easy to use, great invention. The supportive buying experience and the after sales service by Dean and his team made the purchase an investment in improving our lives. We think FAB Dock are fabulous

Mary and Ian - Life Investors

When we contacted FAB Dock, the information was exceptionally easy to get and the service was second to none. Nothing was a bother and no question went unanswered. You measured up and installed our FAB Dock in no time at all – we were very impressed. Now we use the boat literally ALL the time – have even used it to go and do grocery shopping – it’s just that easy

Toni & Greg - Everyday Boaties

It was less than half the cost of others with numerous other benefits, so we bought one straight away and know that it will pay for itself in less than three years. We highly recommend anyone with a boat that lives in the water take a look at a FAB Dock

Jim & Judy - Economical Boating Enthusiasts

Our FAB Dock has been amazing – Not only does it keep our boat dry, but it helps me to berth it, first time, every time, just like a seasoned professional…Even my wife is confident enough to take the boat in and out herself

Parry & Deb - Seasoned Professionals