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Townsville Joins the Trend

Shane and Sonya are the latest boat owners to join our rapidly expanding FAB Dock family. It is surprising that it has taken this long for Townsville to get its first FAB Dock but Shane is convinced that now that fellow boaties can see how easy and effective his FAB Dock is, they will all want one.


Shane had long been looking for a solution to the age old problem of growth on his hull and running gear (like the rest of us) but could never justify the cost of previous dry docking systems. But when his big Volvo diesel was struggling to push his boat to 12 knots, down from 20 knots when clean, he had another look for a solution. So when he found FAB Dock, and also saw how it will help him berth his boat, he was sold. Having a single engined flybridge on a ‘blow off’ berth, he couldn’t find a more difficult boat to park. With his ‘crew’ either asleep or not quite up to the task, it was always a three or four attempt effort to get the Riviera berthed without the obligatory “berth’ marks. So now he is looking forward to being able to go fishing on his own, knowing he can park it first time, every time.


And have a look at just how good a fit we got around the boat. Shane took all the credit for this as he was the one hanging off the bow with tape measure in one hand and bow rail in the other, while I was sitting on his boat with my feet up writing down the measurements he was yelling out. So thanks for that,