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South Australia gets their first FAB Docks

Who could have asked for a better weekend? The blue skies turned the water to a tropical aqua colour (unfortunately not a tropical temperature though), the locals are unbelievably friendly and the crayfish are to die for. My most sincerest thank you goes out to Deane and his wife Prue for their hospitality and generosity and for showing me what boating is like in the real ocean (we get a little soft up here in the Gold Coast Broadwater).

And I must apologise to Alan for making him race back from Melbourne, where he was enjoying centre court seats at the Australian Tennis Open, straight into the hot seat of a demonstration of how to get in and out of a FAB Dock in front of a dozen of his friends, when he had never even seen one in the flesh before. A great job was done and we expect to fill the marina with FAB Docks before the year is out. Thanks.