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Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

Even though we had the smallest boat on the water at the show (sorry Jim, but we still greatly appreciate you lending it to us), we had a fantastic response from everyone who ventured past. Whether it was boaties who have heard about FAB Dock before and wanted to see it for themselves, or people who had never heard of it and just happened to see it for the first time, everyone left with a positive comment and amazement that a dry docking system could be that good, for so much less than any other method. We will all be doing our best to get back to everyone that requested more information, a quote, or just a FAB Dock. Thanks to everyone that stopped by, including all our existing customers checking up on our progress; yes, we have come a long way in the past year.


And a special thanks to our USA and NZ team members who flew out specially for the weekend. I know that they have all gone home with an even greater level of enthusiasm to make FAB Dock the number one worldwide dry docking system.