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Palm Beach Boat Show

FAB Dock Team USA (Joe, Donnie and Pat) teamed up with Everglade Boats and Stella Marine out of Palm Beach to display a 27.5ft. center console sport fish wrapped in a FAB Dock at the Palm Beach Boat Show. We had the perfect location, on a corner berth just down from the main entrance to the show, and were inundated all weekend with boat owners that were amazed at how such a simple concept was so effective at keeping the boat dry. And when we explained that it also helped them park their boat, was portable, 12 volt and built to suit any size boat, they were truly flabbergasted.

And no boat is ever complete without  at least some rain. So right on cue, we received our mandatory rain shower on the first day, but the weather gods were kind to us for the rest of the show. Unlike the Sarasota Boat Show, which we aren’t even going to talk about.

Response continues to be amazing and interest was even higher in Palm Beach than at the Miami Boat Show a few weeks weeks before. Brian Harris, the VP of Marketing for Everglades Boats, Inc. loved the crowds around the FAB Dock so much he wants to team up for future boat shows and continue to showcase his boats in a FAB Dock!

Many thanks to Bob Stella and the great staff from Bob Stella Marine who showed such class at the Palm Beach Show. They were such a great team to work with!

See you all at the next show.Show 2