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Just How Discreet?

People often ask us, “Just how inconspicuous is your system?” They go on to explain that they have a beautiful water view (that they have invariably paid a lot of money for) and don’t want it compromised by an unsightly dry docking system.

I was reminded of this when we recently installed a FAB Dock under Peter’s beautiful Cruise Craft Executive and I was trying to get a photo of the FAB Dock to add to our collection. Without having to borrow the neighbours canoe or go swimming with the bull sharks, I just couldn’t get a decent photo of our product. But that is the point, your FAB Dock does its job quietly and effortlessly without you hardly noticing that it is even there. Great for our customers, but a little harder for us to sell them when people can’t even see them. Lucky all our customers tell their friends and neighbours how great it is.

Thanks Peter.