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FAB Docks now in five countries with installation in The Seychelles

Hot on the heals of installing our first FAB Dock in the Middle East, we have also recently installed our first FAB Dock in The Seychelles.

In the past three years I have been fortunate enough to be able to visit many beautiful parts of the world and their respective waterfronts and marinas, but the aptly named Eden Island Resort is arguably the most spectacular. With the only thing outshining the turquoise waters and golden sands being the hospitality and generosity of our customer and host, Dana Buys.

After a career running highly successful software companies, Dana has now expanded his business interests to include one of South Africa’s finest wineries. With so many business interests, three daughters and another one only months away, I just don’t know how he finds the time to get away. But when he does, he does with the style and enthusiasm that has obviously made him very successful in business. His villa on Eden Island is immaculately equipped and presented and his array of toys is world class, including a 36 foot Al Dhaem Wavebreaker with twin Suzuki 300s that is now sitting protected in a FAB Dock.

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FAB Dock expands into the Seychelles

The FAB Dock office in the Seychelles for a few days.

This is one destination that we won’t have a shortage of volunteers to help install the next batch of FAB Docks, which won’t be long judging by the serious interest shown by other residents and locals.

See you soon for another Seybrew.