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Why Australians love a Floating Dry Dock

Picture the scene: you’ve just returned from a glorious Saturday’s boating off your local coastline. The tide is out and the water line is way too low for you to be able to dock your boat to the pier. Floating docks in Australia have become a big part of modern boating life, because they are the best, easiest and safest solution to this problem as well as many other many challenges involved in owning a marine vessel.  

FAB Dock is based on the Gold Coast, where more than 200km of waterways have made the South-East Queensland location one of Australia’s most popular boating destinations. In an area this large, the speed with which you can assemble and reposition our inflatable floating docks has been a game-changer, allowing boatowners to focus on the fun element of boating – to enjoy more time navigating the city’s canals and seaways.  

The adaptability of our floating docks in Australia has two huge benefits. If you frequent either coastal seas or inland rivers, you’ll know how water levels can fluctuate, depending on the tides. Owning a floating dock keeps your afloat at water level, so no matter the swell, you can dock relatively smoothly. Keeping your craft high and dry means it is less exposed to saltwater erosion and helps reduce the massive environmental cost that products like anti-foul marine paint can have on the ecology. 

Floating docks are also far more functional than stationary docks, in that they can be fixed to any kind of coastline or structure. Whether you are holiday house-boating in Victoria or you’re on a fishing trip in the Territory, changing the shape and size of your dock to suit your surroundings is vitally important. 

FAB Dock inflatable dry docks are portable, which means that if you’re cruising the Aussie coastline for a few days, you’ll be able to dock at your own convenience. Our inflatable docks come in standard (17ft to 44ft) and custom sizes to accommodate most marine vessels, from your river runabout to your multi-hulled pride and joy.  

By utilising our specialist knowledge and innovative engineering, the experienced FAB Dock team has helped increase the awareness and usage of floating docks in Australia. There are plenty of different options to suit various boats, so talk to one of our qualified team members today about getting your boat out of the water easily and quickly when you’re not using it. 

Floating docks are affordable and their durable nature means you won’t have to spend a lot of money replacing or repairing them, whether you’re berthing in fresh or saltwater. In terms of convenience, preserving the quality of your boat as well as your vessel’s impact on the environment, FAB Dock inflatable dry docks are the way to go.  

Contact FAB Dock for further advice about floating docks and we’ll provide you a no-obligation quote for our forward-thinking products. We’ll help you find the best solutions for your docking woes, so please contact us today at our offices in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, New Caledonia and the United States.