A big thank you to both Tradeaboat and Club Marine for helping to get our product and brand established in the Australian marine market. The response has been overwhelming and we are doing our best to answer all the enquiries and get all your FAB Docks measured, produced and installed.

Look out for future stories and notices in these magazines and other reputable marine publications.



Why you need one

We went through many different variations throughout the prototyping (or trial and error) stage, but in between models we either paid to store the boat on land or we made sure the next prototype was ready to install.

However, during one of these transition periods we did neither and left our unprotected boat to the mercy of the ocean. In less than four weeks our pristine hull went from the condition seen above, to the one below:



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Keeping Dry

I get lots of questions about just how dry does the FAB Dock keep my boat. I could go on and on about the months we spent designing and testing and prototyping numerous ideas and models before we arrived at the perfect solution, or I could show you in a simple picture.




This is the transom of our boat showing the leg and tilt ram on the left with the transducer to the right of it. Not a puddle, pool or drop of water to be seen.


Our boat, which doesn’t have anti-foul on it, has now been living in various prototype versions of a FAB Dock for over a year and when we pulled it out a few weeks ago, was as clean as the day we put it in.

Sanctuary Cove Boat Show Wrap

A very big thank you to everyone that came down to visit us at the show for our international launch of our FAB Dock dry docking system.

It is always a nervous moment when you finally release a product that you have spent nearly a year and a half working on. Will our potential customers think it is as good as we think it is? Have we thought of all the possible scenarios? What could possibly go wrong? Are we on the money? And a multitude of other doubting questions. But we were rewarded with a resounding thumbs up with the only negative comment coming from our competitors (understandable and expected, in fact would have been disappointed if they hadn’t).

The biggest thing to come out of the show was the overwhelming response to customers willing to pay the extra premium for the upgraded material in order to gain the 5 year warranty. This did catch us by surprise a little bit and hence we now have to quickly work to readjust our supply and manufacturing processes to reflect this customer demand.

So we ask these customers to be patient for a little while while we work to be to able to fill their orders.

Watch this space for future updates.



PS: A very big thank you to Captain Carl and his Crew on the Masteka 2 for all their assistance during the setup for the show and while the show was underway (and not driving over our little boat on your way back in after the auction). We wish you all a safe passage where ever in the world you are heading.

Day 2 of show

What a fantastic response! If you haven’t already had a chance to come down and visit the stand at the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show make sure you do. The team from FAB Dock would love to show you the easiest and most cost effective way of dry docking your boat leaving anti-fouling as a thing of the past. If you can’t make it to the show call 1300 FABDOCK 1 300 322 3265 for your free quote.

Sanctuary Cove Boat Show

We are off to the Sanctuary Cove Boat Show to set up our stand and join hundreds of other exhibitors displaying all things boating. We hope to see you all there so that you can be one of the first to see our international launch of FAB Dock. Come and see us down on the water at C9. We would love to talk to you about how FAB Dock can save you money.