WA continues its love affair with FAB Docks

Even though the weather wasn’t always on our side, we still managed to install another four FAB Docks in the water around WA last week as well as measure up another eight boats for FAB Docks in the coming weeks. With another three FAB Docks ready to be installed as soon as the customers get back from their holidays and work trips, there will be a veritable sea of FAB Docks throughout WA by the end of the year.

That all adds up to lots of very happy boaties, spending less time and money maintaining and cleaning their boats and more time enjoying them, not too mention the very real environmental benefit of saving tons of poisonous antifoul from entering our fragile waterways.

the best dry docking system in the world

Big boats love FAB Docks

the best dry docking system in the world

no missing this boat in its FAB Dock

the best dry docking system in the world

another cold and wet installation of a FAB Dock in WA

FAB Dock teams up with Lowrance

Peter and Zel became the first FAB Dock customers to receive their promotional Lowrance Chart Plotter for purchasing their FAB Dock at the recent Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.

Even though navigating the canals through the Gold Coast is easy enough, Peter and Zel are excited about being able to explore further afield with the confidence of having their new Lowrance Chart plotter mounted onto the dash of their beautiful Four Winns.

Not only does the Lowrance unit fit perfectly into the dash space, but the FAB Dock also matches the unique colour of their highly polished cruiser.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Laura and the whole team at Lowrance for their support in this joint promotion and congratulate them on their world class product range.

But on a more sombre note, Zel’s mum has unfortunately been struck down with cancer and Zel is helping her to battle it. He has written a song that he has launched on You Tube with all proceeds going to cancer research. So to help Zel’s mum and all cancer sufferers, you can watch Zel’s song at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DBhTrqRwfkw and then purchase it through iTunes to donate. We wish them all the best.

Lowrance and FAB Dock team up

The proud new owners of a FAB Dock and a Lowrance Chart Plotter

Mackay Boat Show

What smaller, country boat shows lack in raw attendance numbers, they certainly make up for in enthusiasm and atmosphere. After setting up under cloudy skies on the Friday, Mackay turned on the perfect weekend. And the locals turned out in droves. I think almost everyone in Mackay must have passed through the turnstiles. It is also easier to do business in this more relaxed atmosphere, as our newest members to our FAB Dock family found. We look forward to being back in a few weeks to install the first batch of many FAB Docks in this most amazing part of our country.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers for such a wonderful show and our fellow marine exhibitors for making the weekend very enjoyable (if not a tad unhealthy.)

See you all again next year.

FAB Dock

Setting up in front of the formula 1 boats


Caribbean Boat Owners Love FAB Docks

I recently noticed that we have built a number of FAB Docks for Caribbean boats and as a result, I have spent a lot of time on them. And I must say that I am very impressed. Ranging from Rex’s compact Reef Runner all the way up to Danny’s immaculate 47 Flybridge, and most of them in between, they are one solidly built and well finished boat. So it is little surprise that such fastidious owners want to keep them as clean as possible, and as we all know by now, a FAB Dock is the best dry docking system in the world. No matter if you are in the south western corner of Australia in the beautiful canals of Mandurah like Jim or Neil with their 24 and 26 feet Caribbeans, or in the tropical north eastern corner like Henrik with his 35 flybridge, we can protect your Caribbean from the speed-reducing, fuel sucking, intake clogging growth of the oceans.

dry docking system

Another Caribbean in a FAB Dock dry docking system


dry docking system

after another very wet install, it finally cleared to show off a great fit.

dry docking system

stern view of another Caribbean in a FAB Dock

dry docking system

The classic fishing rig staying dry in its FAB Dock

Sanctuary Cove Boat Show 2013

Being the third time that we have exhibited at this prestigious event, we are feeling more like old marine regulars rather than the new kids on the block, dishing out advice to the first timers and swapping stories with other regulars. And by once again thinking outside the square, we managed to impress even the most discerning critic with our innovative display. Two FAB Docks stood upright with the floor becoming the roof; made for one amazing tent.



dry docking system

Our new tent with a two year old FAB Dock in the foreground.


This new display, combined with some nice weather, a more positive atmosphere in general around the boat show and years of hard work and dedication to perfecting the FAB Dock, led to the most amount of sales that we have ever taken at any boat show. It is great to hear that many people have seen our FAB Docks in canals and marinas during their boating excursions and specifically came to our stand to ask questions about it.

When we are up against the best dry docking systems available in the world, all showcased within a stones throw of each other, and people continually tell us that not only are we a half or one third of their price, but we also have a much better product, it reinforces what we have been trying to achieve since our inception.

So I apologise to all those people who I have not yet been able to get back in touch with regarding a FAB Dock for their boat, but will do my best to do so over the coming weeks.

Look out for us at all the other major boat shows around the country throughout the year or back here again next year.

dry docking system

The view of our new tent and FAB Dock from F Arm

Palm Beach Boat Show

FAB Dock Team USA (Joe, Donnie and Pat) teamed up with Everglade Boats and Stella Marine out of Palm Beach to display a 27.5ft. center console sport fish wrapped in a FAB Dock at the Palm Beach Boat Show. We had the perfect location, on a corner berth just down from the main entrance to the show, and were inundated all weekend with boat owners that were amazed at how such a simple concept was so effective at keeping the boat dry. And when we explained that it also helped them park their boat, was portable, 12 volt and built to suit any size boat, they were truly flabbergasted.

And no boat is ever complete without  at least some rain. So right on cue, we received our mandatory rain shower on the first day, but the weather gods were kind to us for the rest of the show. Unlike the Sarasota Boat Show, which we aren’t even going to talk about.

Response continues to be amazing and interest was even higher in Palm Beach than at the Miami Boat Show a few weeks weeks before. Brian Harris, the VP of Marketing for Everglades Boats, Inc. loved the crowds around the FAB Dock so much he wants to team up for future boat shows and continue to showcase his boats in a FAB Dock!

Many thanks to Bob Stella and the great staff from Bob Stella Marine who showed such class at the Palm Beach Show. They were such a great team to work with!

See you all at the next show.Show 2

7 Installed for the Week

What a week. A big thank you to the whole FAB Dock team for pulling out all stops and getting seven FAB Docks installed this week on both sides of Australia. And an even bigger thank you to all those customers that worked in with us and rearranged their schedules to allow it to all happen. We almost had Queensland covered with FAB Docks being installed over 1000 kilometres apart from Brisbane to Airlie Beach with Scarborough and Mackay in between. And over on the West coast, Guy installed another two in Mandurah and another one in Hillarys, right next to another FAB Dock customer; they look so cute together. It makes us all so proud.

But there is no rest for the team with another seven scheduled to be installed over the next week. The production team are workng around the clock to keep up. But you won’t hear any complaints from us. We love being busy and sincerely appreciate all our customers making us the number one selling dry docking system in the world. If you don’t have a FAB Dock under your boat yet, give us a call and find out why so many other people have chosen a FAB Dock to protect their boat.

35 Caribbean reduced file size 280 Deep V reduced file size 30 Masters reduced file size photo 3 photo 2a

Tailor Made

How long did you take picking out your last pair of shoes? How many pairs did you try on before you bought the right one? The same for your last pair of jeans or dress shirt? If you were going to spend a couple of thousand dollars buying a tailor made suit, how many measurements would you expect them to take? And then how well would you expect it to fit? Well, why should your dry docking system be any different? In fact, because you are paying many thousands of dollars more for it, you would expect it to be even more tailor made. After all, we are talking about protecting your boat, and how important is that and how much did that cost?

So it takes us a bit longer to measure each individual boat and it takes us a bit longer to build each FAB Dock, which means it might cost a little more than if we made a one size fits all box shape, but the benefits far outweigh this minor inconvenience. Again, did you buy the cheapest boat you could find? Or did you spend just that little bit more to get just the right boat that will suits your needs and last a lot longer?

Simple physics says that it is a lot more difficult to squash a circular tube than it is a square box. Try it yourself. So strength is a major reason we curve each FAB Dock to mirror the curve of your boat. The second important reason is to minimise the amount water required to be pumped out, which also shortens the time it takes to have you boat dry, the main reason for buying a dry docking system. And by having your FAB Dock custom built to the lines of your boat, it minimises any catchment area for rain to enter and hence, less work again for the pumps.

The most important reason for custom building each FAB Dock to each customer’s boat, is to aid in the berthing process. Quite a number of customers have bought FAB Docks primarily for this reason. And so it is important that the entire bow section is ‘caught’ by the FAB Dock, in case the skipper has come in a little quicker or harder than normal.

So don’t let anyone convince you otherwise, get a tailor made FAB Dock for your boat, it will be the best investment you will make, since you bought the boat.


Leith cropped


photo 3


Scott cropped


Hillarys Boat Show

Western Australia finally broke the Boat Show weather hoodoo with three magnificent days for the Hillarys Boat Show. Not including the setup day where Guy and I got absolutely soaked setting up Scott’s great Sea Ray Weekender that he had graciously lent us for the weekend. The crowds loved the perfect weather and flocked in. Lisa put on an absolutely wonderful show with lots of entertainment for everyone and lots of stuff to buy ranging from fishing tackle to multi million dollar Princess boats. And of course, the response at our FAB Dock stand is always amazing; ranging from bewilderment to absolute amazement at how simple and cost effective our dry docking system is compared to anything else in the market. With more and more people becoming aware of the environmental impact that thousands of boats dropping antifoul into our waterways for years and years will ultimately produce. So here’s hoping that in a short period of time we will see most recreational boats living in FAB Docks rather than using poisonous antifoul.

Hillarys Setup Day

Townsville Joins the Trend

Shane and Sonya are the latest boat owners to join our rapidly expanding FAB Dock family. It is surprising that it has taken this long for Townsville to get its first FAB Dock but Shane is convinced that now that fellow boaties can see how easy and effective his FAB Dock is, they will all want one.


Shane had long been looking for a solution to the age old problem of growth on his hull and running gear (like the rest of us) but could never justify the cost of previous dry docking systems. But when his big Volvo diesel was struggling to push his boat to 12 knots, down from 20 knots when clean, he had another look for a solution. So when he found FAB Dock, and also saw how it will help him berth his boat, he was sold. Having a single engined flybridge on a ‘blow off’ berth, he couldn’t find a more difficult boat to park. With his ‘crew’ either asleep or not quite up to the task, it was always a three or four attempt effort to get the Riviera berthed without the obligatory “berth’ marks. So now he is looking forward to being able to go fishing on his own, knowing he can park it first time, every time.


And have a look at just how good a fit we got around the boat. Shane took all the credit for this as he was the one hanging off the bow with tape measure in one hand and bow rail in the other, while I was sitting on his boat with my feet up writing down the measurements he was yelling out. So thanks for that, Shane.photo