Latest Innovations

To everyone that has been following our progress and reading my constant blogging updates, you may have noticed that I have been a little quiet lately. Apart from the normal excuses of being insanely busy flying to all corners of our vast country installing FAB Docks, missing out on sleep and precious time with my gorgeous girlfriend, myself and the team have been secretly working on a revolution within the dry docking genre. With the prototype now out of the laboratory and installed on my own boat, we are only a matter of weeks away from rolling it out to all our existing customers plus all our new FAB Docks.

With commercial dry docking systems being available for decades, we continue to innovate, revolutionise and perfect our particular product by finding solutions to issues that have plagued other dry docking systems since inception, yet were thought to be unsolvable.

Much of this credit goes to our loyal and passionate customers who have willingly contributed their experiences, thoughts and ideas which we act upon as quickly as possible to ascertain their merit for future inclusion and/or retrofit into our FAB Dock product. (Sorry guys, not every single one of your ideas are as brilliant as you think. Cup holders? Really?)

So stay tuned; the next six months will see a raft of revolutionary new improvements and new products launched from the hard working team at FAB Dock.

Carolina Classic loves her FAB Dock

There are many boats that claim to be the best fishing boat in the world, but the Carolina Classic has plenty of substance to her claim. One look at her specs and a quick walk around will remind you of why it costs a bit more than your average boat.

And after investing that sort of money in pursuit of that elusive catch, it would be a crime to slap gooey antifoul all over the hull, so Ric decided that a FAB Dock is a much more attractive and financially viable solution. And after driving in and out half a dozen times in the first couple of days, he couldn’t believe just how easy it also made berthing his beautiful Classic, without risk of scratching her.

inconspicuous dry dock

Carolina Classic tucked neatly in her FAB Dock

More FAB Docks for Martha Cove

Michael took delivery of his FAB Dock just in time to be able to leave his suped-up ski boat in the water over the Christmas holidays so that he and his family can use it every day without the hassle of the boat ramp over this busy period.

His well kitted out Streaker does everything you would require from a ski boat, with the added space and comfort of a cuddy cab should the weather turn bad. Not that you expect that to happen in Melbourne?

Have fun Michael.

the best dry docking system

Streaker covered in a FAB Dock

Leisurecat join the FAB Dock family

If you are looking at buying a serious fishing catamaran, then you just have to have a look at a Leisurecat. One of the best built boats around and run by one of the truly great guys in the marine industry. And just to prove just how great a boat they are, Ian now owns three of them and has them sitting in various corners of the country so that he is never far from a great day out.

We put his most recent purchase into a FAB Dock in Mindarie and as it fits like a glove, will not only keep his latest edition to his fleet clean and dry, but make berthing it all that more easy.

Thanks for joining our family Ian and thanks for your support Kev.

FAB Dock makes Greenline even greener

The new range of Greenline boats have made an huge impact in the boating market with their environmentally friendly diesel/electric hybrid drive system. Not only does it save its owners money on fuel, but they can also get along in silent, fume free mode for that serene boating experience.

By matching up his new 40 foot Greenline with a FAB Dock, Nev has taken his ‘green’ credentials one step further by eliminating the need to apply poisonous antifoul to the hull of his boat. And apart from the obvious financial benefits of keeping your boat clean and dry inside a FAB Dock, it will also save Nev over one thousand dollars a year in sacrificial anodes as the downside to having enough solar power to run a small city, is that all that electricity has a tendency to chew through the 14 anodes mounted throughout the boat.

So all in all, a win for everyone concerned, including the fish.

environmentally friendly dry docking system

Keeping a Greenline 40 clean and dry

WA filling up with FAB Docks

Boat owners in Western Australia continue to fill up our order books, and prove that the FAB Dock is the most popular dry docking system by far, with another very busy week in this boating mecca. With installations from as far north as Geraldton to the southern area of Mandurah, I won’t even try and list out all the names and boats that are now protected in FAB Docks. And in between all this, we still managed to measure up a whole bunch of new boats that the production team are now flat out building so that we can have them installed in time for Christmas.

The only two things that came off worse than myself after a week of 20 hour days was the kangaroo that decided that at 3am, a billion square kilometres of Western Australian desert wasn’t enough and he wanted to play Frogga with Justin’s brand new Volkswagen Amorak. He wasn’t quick enough and the Germans don’t do a lot of crash testing on large bouncing animals. So there is no saving Skippy and the last I heard, the Amorak wasn’t faring too much better.

I am hoping for a more relaxed and uneventful final trip for the year in a couple of weeks to help Guy install this last batch and join the team and customers for a well earned Christmas drink.

Skippy incident

Kanagaroo that hitched a ride back to Perth

The best dry docking system

Another Sea Ray in a FAB Dock in WA

The best dry docking system

Stern Drives dry docked

Two for Townsville

There are now a couple more FAB Docks in North Queensland’s capital after local friends, Adrian and Gary, by sheer coincidence, ended up with the same size Caribbean and (obviously) the same size FAB Dock.

Being one of the more seriously built 26 foot boats on the market, Adrian opted for the sportier version while Gary bought the traditional flybridge model. Both well suited when venturing offshore past the protected waters of Magnetic Island.

The best dry docking system

The best way to keep your running gear clean

Caribbean in a dry dock

The best dry docking system for your Caribbean

The best dry docking system

The best way to keep all your running gear clean

More for Mackay

Having researched all the other forms of dry docking, Ray came to the conclusion that for value for money and ease of use, a FAB Dock was was going to be the best system for his amazing 3000 Seaquest.

In the warm tropical waters of Mackay, it is a full-time job trying to keep the sea growth from accumulating on the hull and running gear of your boat, so a FAB Dock will quickly pay for itself in cleaning and running cost savings.

Ray is so passionate and excited about his new dry dock purchase that he is more than happy to chat to anyone in the local Mackay / Whitsunday area that wants to ask any questions or see how a FAB Dock works. So drop me an email and I will pass his number on.

Clean outboards

The best way to keep all your outboards out of the water

FAB Dock in Exmouth, Western Australia

I had heard so many fascinating stories about Exmouth and I was lucky enough to visit it for myself recently thanks to Bob and his wife deciding that they wanted to spend more time on their boat on the water, rather than under it on the dirt. After their most recent DIY antifoul experience they vowed never again and so immediately ordered a FAB Dock to keep their magnificent 35  foot Caribbean clean and dry.

The local hospitality is absolutely amazing and the next time I am back to install another FAB Dock, I will be taking an extra few days holiday to experience the crystal clear waters, coral reefs and aquatic wildlife. I don’t know if the locals are trying to keep it a secret to maintain the pristine condition of the local waters and maintain the abundance of sailfish, marlin, whales and whale sharks, so don’t tell them I told you about the place, but if you are looking for some time away to relax, unwind and get back to nature, Exmouth is the place.

I might even see you up there on one of my trips back.

FAB Dock in Exmouth

35 Caribbean in a FAB Dock

Mandurah Boat Show

What a weekend everyone had at this year’s Mandurah Boat Show. For once, we had perfect weather in which to set up our now famous FAB Dock tent and reinstall Mark’s FAB Dock underneath his tricked up 240 Boston Whaler Outrage. But this sense of dryness and warmth disappeared as quickly as it arrived and we spent most of Friday huddled in our tent avoiding the gale force winds and frequent showers, along with anyone who was brave enough to risk the elements to view the latest and greatest in marine products. It’s amazing how interested some people can be in a dry docking system, even though they don’t even own a boat, when it is pouring rain and we had a dry tent.

But the weekend more than made up for this wet and windy start and the crowds flocked in. Justin, Hayley and I were swamped with enthusiastic boaties keen to learn how a FAB Dock could save their boats. The main difference, though, between these requests and every other boat show that we have exhibited at, is that most of these people had seen a FAB Dock either in the water, in a magazine, on our website, or a friend had told them about it.

We are all so very proud that all these years of product development, excellent customer service and just plain hard work is finally paying off. So much so that I had to extend my stay out West by another week so that we could install some of the FAB Docks that had been ordered previously as well as measure up all the new ones that were ordered at the show.

So from the bottom of my heart, and the whole team here at FAB Dock, we would like to thank all our customers who have made us the number one dry docking system in the world.

FAB Dock exhibition stand

The famous FAB Dock Tent