Why an inflatable dock makes sense for your boat

Anyone who’s owned a boat will know just how hard and costly they can be to maintain. Not only are you faced with the constant battle of keeping the hull clean and barnacle-free, but the wear and tear that comes with berthing your beloved vessel means expensive repairs are a constant risk. 

Fortunately, you’ll find a time and money-saving solution in the form of FAB Dock, a revolutionary inflatable dry dock system that’s proving a must-have for marine craft owners.

The Best Dry Docking Solution For Your Boat

FAB Dock is a dry docking method by which boats are protected from the harsh, saltwater environment when not in use. Operated using only the 12-volt on-board battery (or even solar power), it inflates quickly and safely upon the vessel being manoeuvred into position.

The ‘ramp rage’ and docking dramas that have plagued traditional berthing methods can be a thing of the past, as the soft, forgiving target provided by FAB Dock allows even novice navigators to bump their craft into its floating home with ease. You can avoid the damage associated with hazardous berthing, which aside from detracting from the aesthetic appeal of your boat, can negatively impact the resale value.

Environmentally Friendly Alternative to Antifoul 

Perhaps the biggest draw for the FAB Dock, however, lies in its ability to do away with the need for a yearly recoat of antifouling solution. As sea growth formation is naturally inhibited by dry docking, owners avoid altogether this ecologically harmful, messy, and time-consuming practice of painting with antifoul.

You’ll save more than cost when you don’t have to haul your boat out of the water, paint the hull, replace anodes, and clean the submerged components. The cost savings can roughly equate to paying off your individual dry dock in as little as three years, all while keeping your pride and joy in a condition that’s sure to maximise fuel efficiency and performance. 

Offering a level of convenience, ease of use, and affordability scarcely seen in the maritime industry, FAB Dock makes sense for boatowners everywhere. 

To preserve your vessel with an inflatable dock system of your own, give the friendly team at FAB Dock a call on 1800 254 088. 

Is Antifoul that bad for the environment?

The scourge of seafarers everywhere, barnacles can seriously affect the performance, resale value and appearance of your marine vessel. Faced with this prospect, boatowners have consistently turned to antifouling solutions as a method for keeping pesky sea growth at bay but this, too, comes with its own host of issues. So is this common coating really that bad and, if so, what are the antifoul alternatives available to those heading out on the high seas?

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Why dry dock your boat?

Any boat owner who’s experienced the misfortune of scraping pesky barnacles off their hull will attest that storing your vessel in open water is never a good idea. While your watercraft may be designed to handle the worst of the ocean, deterioration and aquatic build-up comes quickly when your vessel doesn’t have a break from the unrelenting saltwater environment. 

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FAB 5 Reasons Your Boat Will Love a FAB Dock

For those immersed in maritime culture, the dilemma of docking your pride and joy will be all too familiar. While some common cumbersome methods demanded repetitive and costly maintenance, an inflatable alternative, FAB Dock, is making waves among seafarers in the know. 

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What are the principles of a floating dry dock?

Formerly the domain of much larger vessels, recent advancements in affordability, portability, and ease of use has seen dry docking become the go-to method for keeping your personal marine craft in ship-shape year-round. 

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What is the purpose of extended dry-docking for boats?

There’s no denying it. It’s heavenly being out on the water when the skies are clear and there’s a light breeze blowing off the ocean making gentle waves, which are shimmering in the sunlight. Or maybe your idea of heaven is the adrenaline rush of sailing a maxi-yacht through a big swell. Either way, what’s not so blissful is having to worry about damage to your boat due to too much time in the water. When it comes to maintaining your vessel, the benefits of using a boat dry-docking system are many, but you have to make sure you have the right one.

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5 reasons why you need to ditch the antifoul or bottom paint

Antifouling Environmental Damage

It’s time to ditch the antifouling and discover the non-toxic, low maintenance FAB Dock Docking Solution.

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FAB Dock announced as a Westpac 200 Businesses of Tomorrow Winner

FAB Dock is honoured to be named as a 2018 winner of the Westpac 200 Businesses of Tomorrow program, recognised for the development of our patented dry docking technology and our contribution to marine conservation.

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Entering and Exiting your FAB Dock

Exiting and Entering your FAB Dock only takes a few simple steps to ensure you protect your FAB Dock and your boat.  Always make sure you follow each step and you should never have an issue.  Like anything the more you look after it the longer it will last.  The FAB Dock is designed to make life simple for you and your boating life.  Each customer is provided with a guide to keep with them on the boat, the guides are water proof and can attach to your key ring or keep in your wallet.

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360′ Coverage

FAB Dock = 180' Coverage

FAB Dock = 180′ Coverage

FAB Dock + Boat Cover = 360' Coverage

FAB Dock + Boat Cover = 360′ Coverage

Owning a boat like the beautiful Cabriolet Royale you want to make sure that your boat is fully covered.

That you are not only protecting the hull but also protecting the gorgeous trimmings and finishes of the boat.

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